Tales From Ashen Falls

ISBN-13 :978-1539917397

Monsters are on the rise and Gods walk the streets of Ashen Falls in four stories that serve as a prelude to The Eighth God.

Melress and The Fading Man

A young half-elven boy is kidnapped by a children's nursery rhyme.

The Doves Head Inn

Someone wants to get their hands on The Doves loot, but they have to get past two bouncers to do it.

Melress Investigates Something is killing residents of Ashen Falls, and a young Melress is found standing next to a body. Can the Battle Mage find the real culprit? The Scarecrow

It's a foggy night in Ashen Falls, and soon monsters walk the streets led by a man with one thing on his mind - revenge 

The Eighth God

ISBN-13: 978-1539931379

For thousands of years, five great fortresses have stood sentinel between the Borderlands and the rapacious orcs. But the orcs have allies and these allies are about to set a chain of events in motion that will lead to war... Heroes will rise to answer the call. Saethryth has just returned from the orc lands where he has been killing them for over twenty years. He is one of the last Orcslayers left alive. Melress is a half-elven battle mage, recently promoted to captain and sent to the fortress of Knight's Perch, where there are rumours of a traitor. Tierra has been sleeping with the enemy and now she wants revenge. And Bazak-Kul, well he just wants to get home alive. They, and others, will face the onslaught at Knight's Perch, but battle is the least of anyone's problems, because The Eighth God is on the rise and everything can change when the gods are playing.

Return To Ashen Falls


Five new short stories set in or around Ashen Falls...

The Wedge O' Cheese

Creepman's Cross

Pock And Cock Vs. The Necromantic Circle

The Return of The Fading Man

Bitter Streets And Bloodied Homes

Longer than the original book and available together as a double pack!

The Sect Of Seven


What did happen to Commander Arrande in Ashen Falls?

Who is Erekose and is he really a lunatic?

What happens when war comes to a city of Battle Mages?

All these questions and more will be answered in the longer, grimmer, funnier sequel to The Eighth God!

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