Bard of the Isles

Way, way back in the mists of time a group of authors met in the Dove's Head Inn in Ashen Falls, and there with the help of the human gods they created a group of magic-wielding bards.


Songs were sung, music was played and stories told of what happened that fateful night...


First to weave a magic spell over those assembled was Damo 'Danger' Larkin who told a tale of a distant planet, of plots, and alien enemies.


Next up was me, Paul 'Orcslayer' Lavender whose wonderous prose brought tears of laughter to the most miserable of attendees at this grim gathering.


Lee 'The Blade' Conley sang a saga of Bone Rituals, of dark forests, and ancient hill forts.

M.S. Olney took a swig of Boar's Piss then spoke of empowered ones and superpowers.


Pam 'Placeholder' Livingston came next, but she struggled for verse and sat back down to quench her thirst with a hearty swig of Buckfast.


Phil Williams muttered under his breath of things under the city of Ordshaw, even as Phil 'Speculates' Spencer sang a song of faeries and bastards! The music and words seeped from the inn and reverberated through all dimensions, seeking a new home of its very own.


Graham Austin-King (who wasn't a real King) spoke of faithless gods and the deep dark that we all fear (even if it's just a tiny bit).


And in the isles of Albion it found a place to curl up in a deep sleep...until now!


It is said that if you reside in the isles of Albion, or were exiled from them, then you can sing the song of the Bard of the Isles and be one of their merry band. You can find the song at...


This is a placeholder for P.S. 'Placeholder' Livingstone

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